Art Supplies

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Our Wilkes-Barre location also offers an extensive array of art supplies for all levels of creativity. We carry a full line of materials for the professional artist including paints, pastels and sketching products by Liquitex, Winsor & Newton, Golden, Prismacolor and Rembrandt — Creative surfaces from Strathmore, Canson, Bienfang, Winsor & Newton and more. We also stock a large selection of mat boards, papers and foamcore board.

We are committed to encouraging beginner and intermediate artists with instructional art sets and books. Learn to draw or paint, try a new medium, or enhance your current skills.

Our young artists collection offers age appropriate creative supplies and sets to encourage a lifetime of imagination.

Our selection of art related gift items provides something for everyone, even if you’re not an artist.

Don’t forget about our Artist’s Club discount program where you can save 25% – 35% on all your supplies all year long!



We carry a large selection of paints including; oil, acrylic, watercolor and goache
Vast assortment of Easels

Vast assortment of Easels

We carry easels of all sorts, artists, display, travel, childrens, wooden, aluminum.  They range from $19.99-1,000.00 so there is really something for everyone.
Artist Canvas from 3x 3 to 60x72

Artist Canvas from 3x 3 to 60x72

Art Alternatives Stretched Canvas, triple primed, white or black (black not available in all sizes) 40% off retail every day.  Sizes ranging from mini 3x3 to giant 60x72.


We offer free delivery of art, drafting and engineering supplies to businesses located in Northeastern, Southern and Central Pennsylvania. We also ship via UPS daily. Contact us to see if you’re in our delivery area or for a catalog of our products.

Custom Kits

Let us provide your college or educational program with custom art supply kits. We will order the materials you select from our full-line catalog or store, and assemble each kit free of charge. We can deliver custom kits to your location or have them ready for pick up at either of our locations. Contact us for more information.

Drafting and Engineering Supplies

We carry a full line of drafting and engineering supplies, including specialty papers, boards and films. We welcome businesses to contact us for a full-line catalog and information regarding free delivery of your order.